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Our School is one of Pakistan’s Best Secondary Schools.
We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

The purpose of NEST Schools is to prepare the students with the promise of enhancing their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth. So that they may realize their power for good as citizens of Pakistan.

Welcome to the NEST Schools About Us page, NEST Schools is a project of NEST Educational Institutes Pvt. ltd. and it is having 6 different branches in different districts of Punjab.

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NEST Schools believe that all decisions and choices should be child-centered. We aim to nurture every individual, provide excellent education outcomes enabling our pupils to succeed, and ultimately transform our pupils’ life opportunities and aspirations, allowing them to be fulfilled individuals within an ever-changing world.

As a private institute, we recognize that each school’s communities are different. We value each school’s uniqueness and its contribution; in ensuring pupils have the best education and experiences. Each school is distinct to the success of the institution. We believe passionately that together we can make a greater difference; providing higher education outcomes and wider opportunities for our pupils and greater prospects for our staff and communities.

Each institute commits to our CHOICE values. It is a reminder that we have made a choice to be a part of the wider organization of NEST Schools and that we are all obligated to the community as a whole.

About Us

Nurture’s Every Student Talent


About Us


Basically, NEST stands for Nurture’s Every Student Talent

We are starting from Pre Schooling and in 3 years with the blessings of Allah Almighty, we are running 6 campuses in different districts of Punjab.

We started from Sahiwal Shadab Town. It was just an academy where we started but then we started the schools and we hope for the best, God willing.

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